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A Story of Cletus Schefers

I was born and lived on a farm west of Minneapolis, Minnesota. I am the oldest of 7 children. I went to a one-room schoolhouse that had all 8 grades, 26 children were in the classroom. I talked mostly German at home and for one hour in school. I would walk in the fields and look at the plants, and wondered how God made them and made them grow. I also wondered how God could help me make them grow better, and how to stop weeds from growing. When I turned 19, my dad had me get a job off the farm. At that time, my brothers were able to help my dad on the farm.

In August of 1956, while sitting on my bed looking out the window, I saw the clouds open up. There sat God the Creator, holding a staff in his right hand, and his left hand raised up in the air. I did not know what this all was. I could not talk about it. For many, many, many years, I would think of this vision, and what I should do with it. But life went on.

Cletus passed away in 2012, but before he went to his Fathers house, he confirmed to Verne that because the painting was blessed by a faithful priest the blessings will pass on from the healing picture God the Father to all whom look upon it and pray to him for your needs.

I was a mechanic for 19 years. After that, I operated heavy equipment until I retired at 62. I was married in 1960 and have 4 children. I am still married.

In February 1983, I wanted to find out more about God. How can I find this answer? I looked and looked for 4 years. I could not read or write. I was told by people to ask Jesus's mother, and to ask St. Jude. I did not know how to ask St. Jude. I asked for wisdom, because it sounded good. I prayed to God and asked St. Jude to pray for me. In less than one year, I could read, but not as other people read. Then I could not get enough to read. God guided me as to what books I should read. About 1990 or so, God infused the Bible in me. He gave it to me little by little, for a number of years. I could not remember what he gave me. I don't know what I know, but God brings the words out of my mouth when they are needed. He calls me his megaphone.

I had 3 healings from God. The first time it was 2 ribs, then the right leg, and the last time was the left knee. In September 2001, the Lord asked me to let my hair and beard grow. I have yet to cut my hair or beard, except at my upper lip. Now it has passed the 5-year mark, and my  hair seems to stay shoulder length, and not get any longer. Long hair was a Nazarene tradition, which is what Jesus and Sampson were.

In November 2001, the Lord told me I could reveal my vision (after 45 years). In May of 1993, the first time I prayed with someone, God healed that person. Now, 13 years later, the Lord has healed a lot of people phsically, and spiritually. All I do for them is to pray for them.

Reflections of Cletus (Free Download and Printing)

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